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Dr. Crow
I think i drew this in like september last year and completely forgot to post it because yeah

Anywho, that's a uh... character of mine hjgfhjgfhjgf
Named Crow
Edward Crow
Dr. Edward Crow Boccaccio
who is from England
and not Italy

bye i hope the resolution isn't weird
Dante Karmino ('tis an OC)
Edit 3/4/18: Changed his bio. Th... that's it.
Yo I'm back baby!!
And I got a lovely new laptop that can properly run digital art programs (such as FireAlpaca, what I used for this) so I can post more digital art now!

Anywho, this is an OC I made a while ago named Dante Karmino. Here's uhh his bio thing (edited from the version on Amino because damn this guy has changed a lot)

Dante Karmino is a monster villain. The exact species of monster is unknown (aka I can't think of a name rn). He works alongside his wife, Vicky, in creating machines and weapons in their race for world domination; or, at least, to dominate SOME of it. Dante is quite good at engineering, and has created numerous weapons that aid both himself and Vicky, as well as their other allies (such as Dr. Crow and Pa'yme - both of whom I should have information about soon). His next goal is to be able to successfully program a small army of robots to do his bidding and help him in combat. And, though he's certainly tried, it... hasn't really worked as planned. Many of the parts he's used in previous attempts he uses again in his other weapons and machines. 

Dante is enjoys being very sarcastic and salty, and can also be quite childish. Despite this, he does feel lots of empathy for others (including his malfunctioning robots). And he would put himself in harm's way for Vicky, no matter the cost. If Vicky were to die, no doubt he'd be coming with her soon after. What he lacks in physical ability, particularly in hand-to-hand combat, he makes up for in his wits... and massive arsenal of machines. 

And uhhh that's all I have for you today

b y e
That I felt like sharing with y'all

  • A doctor or surgeon who’s completely in denial about how they’re making their patient’s condition worse by the things he's doing to them

    • Like, someone comes in because they need heart surgery or something and he ends up just slicing their stomach open with no help to the original problem and just go “Oh bother, I’ve made a mess again, silly me!”

  • A slightly more developed story about this kid who gets kicked out of his house for coming out to his parents. He goes to this coffee shop and finds out that they've turned their back room into a sort of shelter place for people like him who've been kicked out for being homosexual, and he stays there and falls in love with this other boy who is there and something else happens blah blah blah (It's called Barista Boy for now
  • There are these two best friends, one of them dies, the other goes to her grave every week/day/however often because sHE CAN SPEAK TO GHOSTS

    • There's also another couple where one of them died and basically the same situation

    • And the two alive people meet each other and do something idk

    • I actually started writing this one

Ah shoot I feel like most of the ideas I have have been done (better) before 
oh well

There's another one that I'm gonna write in a separate journal because lots of bullet points haha. There's that one, as well as a more in-depth plan for the beginning of the Barista Boy story and I guess i'll put up the one with the ghosts I started already.
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Drawing from life... thing
Drew this last year. And im not sure a why I didn’t post it until now. This actually might be the best non-cartoonish drawing I’ve ever done. It took me, like, a week to do



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gdhsgfd imma update this later


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