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Drawing from life... thing by ICD-and-Specimen3xx Drawing from life... thing :iconicd-and-specimen3xx:ICD-and-Specimen3xx 3 0 Cecelia's ACTUAL ref sheet by ICD-and-Specimen3xx Cecelia's ACTUAL ref sheet :iconicd-and-specimen3xx:ICD-and-Specimen3xx 1 2 MSM - Nursery store i guess by ICD-and-Specimen3xx MSM - Nursery store i guess :iconicd-and-specimen3xx:ICD-and-Specimen3xx 1 0 OK KO - Prof. Venomous lineart by ICD-and-Specimen3xx OK KO - Prof. Venomous lineart :iconicd-and-specimen3xx:ICD-and-Specimen3xx 3 0 MSM - Riff! by ICD-and-Specimen3xx MSM - Riff! :iconicd-and-specimen3xx:ICD-and-Specimen3xx 7 2 Finn character ref by ICD-and-Specimen3xx Finn character ref :iconicd-and-specimen3xx:ICD-and-Specimen3xx 5 2 MSM - Thwok by ICD-and-Specimen3xx MSM - Thwok :iconicd-and-specimen3xx:ICD-and-Specimen3xx 12 3 ATOTD - Unknown character for now! by ICD-and-Specimen3xx ATOTD - Unknown character for now! :iconicd-and-specimen3xx:ICD-and-Specimen3xx 4 1 Pear by ICD-and-Specimen3xx Pear :iconicd-and-specimen3xx:ICD-and-Specimen3xx 1 0 Beatrice - ATOTD by ICD-and-Specimen3xx Beatrice - ATOTD :iconicd-and-specimen3xx:ICD-and-Specimen3xx 1 0 SU - Rose Quartz by ICD-and-Specimen3xx SU - Rose Quartz :iconicd-and-specimen3xx:ICD-and-Specimen3xx 7 0 Antlers by ICD-and-Specimen3xx Antlers :iconicd-and-specimen3xx:ICD-and-Specimen3xx 1 2 Cecelia by ICD-and-Specimen3xx Cecelia :iconicd-and-specimen3xx:ICD-and-Specimen3xx 5 3 Cyclops - Castle Crashers (and a bit of an update) by ICD-and-Specimen3xx Cyclops - Castle Crashers (and a bit of an update) :iconicd-and-specimen3xx:ICD-and-Specimen3xx 3 3 Terry by ICD-and-Specimen3xx Terry :iconicd-and-specimen3xx:ICD-and-Specimen3xx 0 0 Undertale-Loading SOULS by ICD-and-Specimen3xx Undertale-Loading SOULS :iconicd-and-specimen3xx:ICD-and-Specimen3xx 3 1


Monody Once Again by Kiwi-Cookii-Kream Monody Once Again :iconkiwi-cookii-kream:Kiwi-Cookii-Kream 5 2 Plixie by Sebass87 Plixie :iconsebass87:Sebass87 12 0 WUBBOX NO by sivanhe WUBBOX NO :iconsivanhe:sivanhe 6 1 just another poewk sketch by ParrotWings just another poewk sketch :iconparrotwings:ParrotWings 4 0 Whajje with a plush Thwok by FrixD1209 Whajje with a plush Thwok :iconfrixd1209:FrixD1209 10 3 Squad Goals by AutumnArendelle Squad Goals :iconautumnarendelle:AutumnArendelle 3 0 bi sh u wot by Katloveshorrorgames bi sh u wot :iconkatloveshorrorgames:Katloveshorrorgames 7 11 mAH BBY by SbrixyNya mAH BBY :iconsbrixynya:SbrixyNya 12 1 aaaaAAAAAAAAAAAAAA by Katloveshorrorgames aaaaAAAAAAAAAAAAAA :iconkatloveshorrorgames:Katloveshorrorgames 10 12 Meet the cringe by SpecterBiscuits Meet the cringe :iconspecterbiscuits:SpecterBiscuits 41 8 (G) Smol dinosaur arms by SpecterBiscuits (G) Smol dinosaur arms :iconspecterbiscuits:SpecterBiscuits 51 11 June by SpecterBiscuits June :iconspecterbiscuits:SpecterBiscuits 37 18 Purgatory Cave by DutchieCake Purgatory Cave :icondutchiecake:DutchieCake 6 0 Goretober Day 16 - Puking Up Blood by Kiwi-Cookii-Kream Goretober Day 16 - Puking Up Blood :iconkiwi-cookii-kream:Kiwi-Cookii-Kream 5 3 A I R   S U P P L Y by FrixD1209 A I R S U P P L Y :iconfrixd1209:FrixD1209 11 0 An old draw of Whajje by FrixD1209 An old draw of Whajje :iconfrixd1209:FrixD1209 5 1



Drawing from life... thing
Drew this last year. And im not sure a why I didn’t post it until now. This actually might be the best non-cartoonish drawing I’ve ever done. It took me, like, a week to do
Cecelia's ACTUAL ref sheet
Sorry if it's a bit hard to read - I may upload a different version later. But here's what it says (slightly edited):

-Angry 24/7
-Messes with Lilac (another OC) often, but does truly care about her
-Would run a gaming channel that only does shooter games (and probably Roblox)
-Starts celebrating Halloween in September
-Sounds and acts pretty edgy, but she's just a fairly angry child who messes with her friends
-Loves light colors
MSM - Nursery store i guess
So we started doing work with 1-point and 2-point perspective in art class, and i decided to draw a nice corner store, and it just evolved into this?? 

If i remember correctly, the eggs were for Wubbox, Fung Pray, Pummel, Furcorn, Nebulob and PomPom. They're in the window of the store btw

I guess it would be the store in MSM 1 that you buy all of the eggs from. I'll add more stores and junk to the other buildings on the side (i'm thinking starpower and some kind of "island licensing" thing) but tbh i just wanted to get this other drawing out before I forgot
OK KO - Prof. Venomous lineart
Hehehe guess who's obsessed with OK KO Let's Be Heroes now??


I love all of these characters (but the Boxmore robots especially)


Here's a Professor Venomous for you
I'll have a colored version up sometime

k bye



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United States
Collaboration of two girls doing art! Who drew what is in description.


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